Meet the Team

Quentor's success over the last 40 years owes a great deal to its dedicated team of professional personnel.

  • No.1 Driver - Kate Asbury

    No.1 Driver - Kate Asbury

    Kate is our No.1 driver in so many ways - a driving force behind Quentor Cases. Kate sets the standards, working tirelessly to ensure that our products and services continue to be held in such high regard.

    Her maxim is:

    "Customers are Kings, quality is everything, innovate to stay ahead - in this way everyone profits".

  • The 'Hands On' Team

    The 'Hands On' Team

    These are the often unsung heroes who work tirelessly throughout the year building and assembling the cases and equipment that we design.

    This is particularly important during our very busy winter months, when they can often be found like 'little case making Elves', working late into the night pushing the boundaries of case assembly, to ensure that our top quality products are delivered on-time, every time.

    Our Hands-On Team are skilled operatives and are dedicated to producing high quality products.

  • Design Squad

    Design Squad

    Developing lightweight solutions is our speciality...

    Our vibrant team of designers have years of experience in providing innovative and creative Flight Case solutions. The Design Squad has 2D & 3D software capabilities that are linked directly to our CAM facilities allowing for precise engineered solutions...

    Whatever challenge is set our Design Squad will spring into action to develop the right product for you.

  • The 'Hands Off' Team

    The 'Hands Off' Team

    Behind every successful company there is a team of bright, dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to ensure that the 'T's are crossed and the 'I's are dotted.

    Close attention to detail is their doctrine and they provide the vital lubrication that keep the engine running, they also make sure that the accounts are fully balanced and the wheels are turning at all times.


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