Bike Case

We were approached by the design team to behind the worlds most advanced training cycle - The Factor 001 to develop a very special Flight Case.

The Cycle which was sold in Harrods for £30,000 was packed with electronic sensors designed to gauge the rider’s performance in real time, it also measured the riders core temperature and beamed the information immediately back to the trainer.

For a Cycle with a price tag of £30,000 had to be delivered in a rather special Transportation Case.  The Case was designed to become a mobile workshop and store. 

The top-tube clamp slid up and down and could hold the cycle in position that allowed for routine maintenance to take place.  A lockable cupboard and concealed storage provide secure areas to hold valuables during training sessions and to carry essential spares and accessories.  Roping eyes were fitted to the back wall of the case to hold helmets and training shoes. The front lid lifted away from the case for easy access and the top lid lifted to allow the bike to rise when being serviced.

In addition the Case was made using Quentor’s System 10 components and Aluminium Honeycomb Panels which made the case extremely strong and yet relatively lightweight.  It looked good too.


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