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“Fast-Track Q” Seamless Truck Fascia System.

Building on the phenomenal succes of our "Fast-Track" walling system, we are now proud to announce the launch of our exciting new addition to the range.

The "Fast-Track Q" Seamless Truck Fascia System creates the perfect branding space to welcome your guests in style. With no external framework, graphics flow seamlessly from panel to panel without interruption and without compromise across its glorious 10m x 4m glossy surface.

Constructed entirely from our "Fast-Track Q" seamless panels and utilising a discreet but effective ballast system, the panels simply slot and lock together and can be assembled in a fraction of the time taken to construct traditional framed fascia systems.

Designed to be used time and time again, the whole system quickly and neatly packs away into its own bespoke designed flight case for efficient safe storage and transport.

  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Compatible with Existing Quentor Fast-Track Systems
  • Seamless Panels for Uninterrupted Graphics
  • Long Life Reusability
  • White Gloss Finish
  • Width Adjustable
  • Discreet Ballast System


“Fast-Track Q” Seamless Truck Fascia System.

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