Car Cases & Protective Panels

Car Cases & Protective Panels


For complete peace of mind and total protection Quentor Car Cases offers a safe haven for your vehicle when traveling by Land, Sea and especially Air. 

Some car transportation systems leave the car exposed and therefore vulnerable to tampering or accidental damage.

We have developed our Car Cases to travel in the ‘winged position’ of the cargo hold in an aircraft, this position yields the maximum width, allowing a car with its nose and tail removed to fit sideways.  The nose and tail are then bolted inside the case to protect them during transit.  Ramps can be fitted to assist with loading and unloading.  We can also design and fit pockets for additional storage depending upon your specification.

Manufactured from 25mm aluminium honeycomb our Car Cases are very strong and yet relatively lightweight, fitted with Pallet Feet for handling with a forklift.


A very efficient and effective innovation, Quentor’s Protective Panels encapsulate the vulnerable parts of the car during transit.  A soft cover is then fitted to the top of the vehicle with the wheels exposed for manoeuvrability.  As well as the inevitable knocks and bumps the panels offers protection from prying eyes too..!



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