Engine Cases

Engine Cases

A motor sport engine that may have taken years to develop at a considerable cost needs to be handled with care.  Quentor’s Engine Cases are individually designed to suit your power-plant. 

Engine Cases can be made from a range of panel materials including Timber Plywood, however, the most popular option is Aluminium Honeycomb for its strength and lightweight properties.  We can fit internal brackets and shock mounted floors to help absorb impacts during transportation.  Lockable catches can be fitted to the case for additional security.

Options and features include:

  • Stacking Dishes that allow the Engine Cases to be stacked during transit
  • Label Dishes
  • Pallet Feet
  • Castor Covers – (these convert Castors into Pallet Feet)
  • Document Pockets
  • A choice of coloured ABS skin

We have heard nightmare stories about engines being shipped in cardboard boxes and crates and as a result parts go missing, engines are damaged, races are lost and reputations are tarnished.  Please don’t let this happen to you.



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