'Fast-Track' Banner Panel System

'Fast-Track' Banner Panel System

Quentor's 'Fast-Track' panel system has been created to provide the perfect panel solution.

The ‘Fast-Track’ system can be assembled in a fraction of the time that it takes to construct traditional frame systems. Each panel slots together, then 'locks' in seconds with a 1/2 turn of a key to form a completely flush wall.

The panels are manufactured from lightweight aluminium honeycomb and aluminium extrusions for maximum strength and longevity of service. ‘Fast-Track’ panels do not have the intrusive vertical struts of other systems allowing you to surround yourself with continuous graphics.

‘Fast-Track’ is a fully flexible and modular system that can be adapted to meet your exact requirements - even fully functioning rooms can be created. Shelving, workbenches, flat-screen monitors, lighting, cupboards, sliding doors and roof panels can be added to complete the perfect working environment.

Quentor’s ‘Fast-Track’ Banner Panel System has proved very popular with our clients, we are proud to have provided it to teams in a number of formulas including Formula 1, Le Mans series, GP2, GP3, and FIA GT series.

A very important finishing touch to the ‘Fast-Track’ System is the Banner Case. Quentor will of course manufacture the perfect Banner Transportation Case for you to safely store and transport your banner system. The transportation cases can be made ‘future proof’ with additional slots available to allow for extra panels. We can apply an identification label to the base of each panel to simplify and quicken the build process - a place for everything and everything in its place.



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Take a look at our gallery pictures below for examples of ‘Fast-Track’ in use.