Garage Tool Cabinets

Garage Tool Cabinets

Quentor Garage Tool Cabinets are stylish yet practical, beautiful yet rugged, a bold statement of quality and success. This is important when they carry your team brand and your sponsor's logo and especially if are photographed in your garage by the world's media.

Quentor has supplied Garage Tool Cabinets to elite motor sport teams around the globe. Standard Garage Tool Cabinets made to our own specification are available, or if you prefer, we can design them to meet your exact requirements.

Lightweight honeycomb aluminium panels are used together with GRP mouldings that offer super strength and weight saving advantages. Highly desireable attributes when flying around the world.

Garage Tool Cabinet Options:

  • Foam routing
  • In-built Paper-towel dispenser
  • Reels with wheel-gun fittings
  • Mains power connection
  • Air supply fittings
  • Tool mounting points
  • Intergral waste paper bins
  • Recessed worktops
  • Bespoke drawer configuration
  • Tow-bar option



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