Q-Shacks were developed by Quentor as lightweight freight solutions for world-wide air travel over 10 years ago. Many of those original units are still in use and apart from the occassional bump and scrape they remain in good working order.

The Q-Shack is lightweight it can be handled by a forklift and is yet strong enough to withstand the rigours of international air freight. Q-Shacks can be custom designed to be compatible with any standard aircraft pallet size.

So, what can a Q-Shack potentially be used for?

  • Lightweight Transportation and Storage Unit
  • Workshop
  • Outside Broadcasting Unit
  • Communications Centre
  • Scientific Laboratory
  • Operating Theatre
  • Accommodation Unit
  • Sound Studio
  • Retail Unit
  • Military Control Centre

Removable industrial castors can be fitted to the outside of a Track Shack to allow for final positioning.

Q-Shacks options include: White satin finish walls, HD tread plate flooring, Cable management, Storage Units, Drawer Units, Seating, Rack-mounting, Doors, Windows, Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Network Sockets, Electrical Supply, Flat Screen Monitors, Lighting, & Beds.

Superior ingress protection helps to keep the units in good working order although many of our clients protect the Shacks by fitting a waterproof soft cover.

The Q-Shack Range

  • Q7 - Cargo Shack: Designed to carry cargo in the Q7 position of an aircraft
  • Q6 - Cargo Shack: Designed to carry cargo in the Q6 position of an aircraft
  • Track Shack: A double floor adds strength to enable this unit to fullfill a number of applications. These units have industrial castors fitted for manoeuvrability.
  • Aero Shacks - Ultra lightweight Shacks designed to carry bulky items, will save you significant airfreight costs.


The Q-Shack Capacity

  • Q-6 Standard 16m³
  • Q-7 Standard 19.56m³
  • Winged Lower Deck 12.3m³
  • Track Shack 14.6m³



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Types of Q-Shacks

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