Q6 Cargo Shacks

Q6 Cargo Shacks

The Q6 Cargo Shack is a rugged workhorse capable of carrying heavy loads and withstanding the demands of international airfreight. 

We have constructed the Q6 Cargo Shack using our unique patented ‘System 25’ Aluminium components combined with 25mm Aluminium Honeycomb panels. Doors can be fitted to either side, front or rear and bulk heads and shelving added to suit your freight requirements. 

Many of our Q6 Shacks have been in service for 10 years, well beyond our initial expectations. At our factory in Norfolk, we are able to run repairs for the inevitable minor knocks and damage that will happen when traveling to far flung places.

The Q6 Cargo Shack will fit a standard aircraft pallet and is specifically designed to fit the Q6 position within a Cargo Aircraft.



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