In modern times, the search for natural resources at sea is taking the oil and gas industry further from their land bases. Transporting equipment is becoming increasingly expensive, therefore any savings in weight and the overall footprint have to be taken very seriously.

Quentor has provided off-shore companies with specialist cases to carry items such as sensitive calibration equipment, pipeline components, tooling and other essential equipment. Our use of lightweight materials including Aluminium Honeycomb panels continues to provide strong and yet relatively lightweight solutions.

We have developed a range of Q-Shacks initially for transporting goods by air however there has been interest recently in the possibility of adapting these Q-Shacks for use as portable off-shore laboratories.

Quentor can also supply Watertight Cases for use in particularly harsh conditions, although there may be a compromise on weight they are guaranteed watertight.

Quentor embraces new challenges and welcomes continual enquiries from the Marine Industry.

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