Recent global, economic and political events have substantially altered the way that governments around the world are funding and operating their military forces. Greater emphasis has to be given to ‘value’ and wherever possible savings to expenditure are being encouraged.

At a recent seminar the MOD stated that it is their intention to cut the use of fossil fuels by up to 50% in order to save costs. Prime Contractors have been charged with the challenge of achieving these targets and they are looking to industry to provide solutions: this is precisely where Quentor may be able to help.

Technological developments are also changing the military landscape where the use of autonomous hardware and systems including UAV’s and UGV’s are playing an ever increasing role. We believe that Quentor can provide innovative solutions that will meet the requirements of the latest technology as well as conventional applications.

For years we have developed lightweight yet incredibly strong flight cases and Q-Shacks using Aluminium Honeycomb panels and components for safely carrying equipment during transportation by land, sea and air. Our innovative solutions and clever designs have led to a reduction in both the overall footprint and weight of individual freight, this in turn can provide significant savings in fossil fuels.

Through the years Quentor has supplied many specialist solutions to Prime Contractors this includes our Q-Shacks, Rack Units, Storage Trunks and Flight Cases and we welcome enquiries from IPT's and Prime Contractors.

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