Motor Sport

Quentor is proud to supply many of the world's leading motor sport teams. As well as our Flight Cases we are now designing and manufacturing a wide range of motor sport specific products including Pit Lane Stands, ‘Fast-Track’ Banner Panel Systems, Towable Pit Carts, Framelight Units, Engine Cases to name but a few.

In the last few years the motor sport industry has seen many changes, much of this has been forced due to the world’s difficult economic climate and some are in response to global environmental and political policy change.

As a result of these changes, their budgets have been slashed and the need to operate a lean, value-driven organisation has never been more apparent.

Our products are bespoke and thereby created to suit your specific requirements, they can save your freight costs due to our careful considered designs by reducing the overall footprint and with the use of lightweight, composite materials, greatly reduce the weight.

Quentor’s undeniable reputation for supplying top quality products being delivered on-time is known and respected throughout the world’s leading motor sport teams, including every Formula 1 team, Le Mans Series teams, WTCC, BTCC, MotoGP, World Superbike, British Superbike, FIA GT, Nascar, GP2, GP3 and many more, in all around 30 Motorsport Formulas worldwide.

Quentor has signed a deal with the British Touring Car Championships to become Technical Partners. We are pleased and proud to support this successful series. We are encouraged that viewing figures and attendances continues to grow and wish everyone associated with the BTCC every success.


"Motor Sport to me is where speed, accuracy, technology, courage and skill combine to produce something special, something beautiful, thrilling and dynamic, almost poetic. This is reflected in the way that Quentor approaches the Motor Sport Industry with passion and pride".

– Derek Perry Sales & Marketing Manager Quentor 2011


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