Seamless Walling System Overview

Quentor design and manufacture a comprehensive range of modular Seamless Walling Systems to dress your motorsport garages, hospitality areas and high-profile factory zones. We also utilise our seamless panel systems to create complete exhibition stands, mobile offices and cleanroom environments. 

With two ranges to choose from, FAST TRACK PREMIUM and
FAST TRACK Q, Quentor can offer the perfect seamless walling solution to suit differing levels of complexity and budget.   

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Flight Cases Overview

The team at Quentor have been designing and manufacturing high quality bespoke Flight Cases for more than fifty years.

Quentor Flight Cases are custom designed to store your valuable equipment such as lighting and sound equipment, vehicle parts, travelling event kit and delicate electrical components. Quentor flight cases are the number one choice for specialist Motorsport, Scientific, Military and Aerospace applications.

Specialising in both complex and very large case construction, as well as stylish looking designs for high-end markets, Quentor have a wealth of experience in providing both practical and stylish flight case products.  We are confident that we have the perfect flight case solution for you.
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Race Cases Overview

If it is a top quality Race Case that you are looking for, you have come to the right place. Quentor Races Cases are the number one choice for many top-flight Motorsport outfits including all current F1 Teams and many other successful Motorsport Teams Worldwide.

Using a combination of our own custom aluminium extrusions and a choice of composite panels, Quentor Race Cases are manufactured using a patented process of assembly. Your cargo, including vehicle bodywork parts, rack mounted equipment and seamless banner systems, can be safely stored and transported in our smart, reliable and extremely strong Race Cases.

Our lightweight flight cases offer the best strength to weight ratio of any flight case system on the market. If you are paying for your freight by weight we will work with you to maximise the cost-saving opportunities of weight reduction.

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Garage & Pit Lane Furniture Overview

Quentor can deliver the complete motorsport garage and pit lane furniture package. We will custom design and manufacture the ultimate motorsport `Garage Pitbox’ interior walling as well as offering a complimentary range of tailor designed Garage and Pit Lane Furniture to suit.

At Quentor, we fully understand that there can be no compromise. We will always offer high quality products with optimised functionality, freight efficiency and maximum visual impact for your motorsport garage area. We will create imaginative styling that aligns with your team brand to enhance your trackside presence.

The elite range of Quentor seamless banner walling systems, together with our options for garage tool cabinets, pitlane stands, choice of spares storage solutions, telemetry rack systems, and engineering workstations are all custom designed and manufactured by our highly experienced in-house team at our UK base in Norwich.
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Large Containers & Q-Shacks Overview

The Quentor range of Large Containers and Q-Shacks were originally developed as a lightweight freight solution for world-wide air travel. With recent focus placed upon carbon-efficient transportation solutions, our range has been extended to include new even lighter-weight ranges and products that are equally suitable for travel by Land, Sea and Air freight.

These large format freight containers are typically attached to an IATA approved aircraft pallet base with a 3.2m x 2.4m footprint. However, they can also be designed to any size of your choosing and the bases modified to be compatible with truck and seafreight container transportation.

Quentor will design and fitout a Q-Shack or large container to suit your chosen application.  We can include features such as lift-off sides with personnel access doors, hinged doors, ramps, complex shelving and fully fitted functional workshop areas with power, lighting and ventilation.
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Workstations Overview

Take the advantages, and familiarity, of your working area with you whenever you travel to an event. Whether it is your seated desk, IT setup or your engineering workshop space, Quentor workstations are fully transportable and geared for efficient deployment.

All Quentor workstations offer the perfect balance of style and practicality. They are cleverly designed and constructed using our unique assembly processes and material combinations. Different surface and colour finishes are available and there are several different workstation styles to choose from in our range.

Workstations can be custom designed and fitted with your choice of features such as power, lighting, monitors, intercoms, rack-mountings, vice plates, pneumatics and storage facilities.

Using our extensive experience and knowledge, we will work closely with you to create your own purpose-built workstation.
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Storage Solutions Overview

The innovative Quentor Spares Storage products are successfully used by many industries worldwide such as defence, instrumentation, event management and motorsport.

Whether it be for storage of your IT equipment, grey euro bins, set-up equipment, engineering tools or any other loose items, Quentor will have the solution.

Taking it to another level, make your Spares Storage unit into a dual-purpose engineering workstation. For example, add a worksurface area with integrated power and lighting, add wheel guns, give vibration limiting support to delicate equipment and install a set of custom fabricated drawers. 

The Quentor design team will work with you to develop the most appropriate design solution to ensure that your spares are stylishly presented and well protected in transit.
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